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~Manhattan Boxing Training-Sessions with a LIFE-long, competitive EDGE~

~New York City Boxing Training sessions~
~engineered for the SUPER-busy Manhattanite~

~who needs a fresh, edgy-new way of keeping momentum ~
~inside & outside of work~


I am Ricky Ray Taylor,

President of BoxerDRILLZ Corporation.  
ONE MISSION is carried into each training session:

~to chisel the CHAMPION from you~ 

I frame each-training-session as if YOU are preparing for a fight.

This intensity
is as innovative as it is life-changing,
as cutting-edge as it is rewarding

In the wake of my 140-fight career,

it's fair to suggest

that I have a good-grip on what this type of boxing training entails.


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Learn to box!

BoxerDRILLZ - New York Boxing Training