Unveiling the Sweet Science

These videos are coined with the orthodox fighter in mind, yet for you southpaws - all is not lost.

Just substitute your right hand and right foot for your left hand and left foot. Simple, eh?


Pay-per-view instructional videos are a great way to brush up on your skills.





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Shadow Boxing is an art in itself - practice this art in front of a full-body mirror with careful attention paid to every aspect of your arsenal - watch your hands and make certain they are protecting your chin and temple while throwing punches - keep an eye on your head-movement and make for certain that it is doing just that, moving - watch your feet as they move in sync with your punches and upper body motions - make Shadow-Boxing look smooth and effortless in the very same manner that you want the judges grading your performance when you are fighting - think of the boxing ring as a stage that YOU own and when the dust clears after your fight, it is YOU that will be shining brighter than your opponent - so pursue your Shadow-Boxing routine with extra vigor and attention.

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There are two different styles of fighting - Inside & Outside - tall, rangy, sometimes wiry boxers usually like to keep the fight on the outside where they can use their sizable reach advantage - short, squatty, lumberjacks with short, explosive arms will beg to fight inside - the outside fighters are referred to in boxing circles as "boxers" - the inside fighters are referred to as "bangers" - a larger size ring which allows the fighter to move around more is referred to as a "boxers" ring - a smaller sized boxing ring is a bangers ring - fighting in a "phone booth" is what bangers beg to do - if a shorter, hard-hitting banger can get a boxer to BANG with them then, they are commanding what's called "ring generalship" over the boxer - the same goes for the sometimes thinner, more elusive boxer who intentionally-commandeers a banger into fighting the entire boxing match from long range -- Ring Generalship - 

NOTICE: I say *sometimes* because quite often you will see a tall, thin, wiry fighter who should by all means be a "boxer", actually like to BANG (think Thomas Hearns, Robin Blake) - one rarely, if ever sees a shorter fighter who chooses to box the entire fight from the outside - it happens, but it's rare.

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UNDERSTAND:  A TRAP is:  *an abrupt punch which systematically interrupts your opponent's defense* - KNOW THIS - most KO's we see in big fights were not landed by a "lucky" punch - rather, the punch doing the damage was a "trap" which had been set up by a technician in the ring - sell the opponent into thinking that you are doing one thing - then, hit them with a trap - this is the science of the sport - this is BOXING - study this video - KNOW THIS - and then create your own personalized Traps.

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Turn your body into your straight right - turn your arm over like a drill - your straight right as with your jab should end with the palm of your hand facing downward - the palm is not to face to the right - the palm is not to face left - it faces downward with your shoulders, back, torso and leg twisted into the punch - your straight right is a power punch, throw it like one!

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Body shots are always as hard as you can throw them - this is always the case - thus, if an opportunity to "drag" this punch arises {which it oftentimes will when delivering a right hook to the body}, take it.

KNOW THIS:  we don't shift our bodies to the right side (when throwing a right hook to the body) in the same manner that we shift our bodies to the left (when throwing a left hook to the body) - rather, when throwing a right hook to the body we "drop straight down" - shifting to the right will not allow you the proper positioning to drag the punch while being thrown.

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UNDERSTAND: Your leg turns as-a-result of your torso and waist turning into the right hand - your right hand is NOT a result of your leg turning, it's the opposite - thus, it is not imperative that the leg twists upon throwing your right hand - it is however important that as much of your body is delivered into the explosive right hand as possible - as a result, your leg may twist - be careful not to lunge too much into the right hand which may leave you off balance and vulnerable.

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Upper-cuts are thrown with full force, as hard as you can throw them - there is no such thing as an easy upper-cut - a torking motion ensues on each side of your body with each upper-cut thrown - I like to verbalize this torking motion as "turning your chest to the sky" - there is also a slight explosion which may or may not take place with your legs upon throwing your upper-cut - although, many fighters choose to explode so much that their feet leave the ground when throwing them - be certain you can follow your upper-cut up with preferably a hook coming from the other hand.

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Make certain your front hand remains above their front hand (their jab hand) as much as possible - this will allow you to knock the jab down when they throw it - it may be wise to cheat away from your face when you (an orthodox boxer) is facing a southpaw - Your left hand should be above their jab hand (their right hand) - Granted, if you yourself are a southpaw and you are facing another southpaw then, of course, it will be your left hand knocking away their jab (their right hand).

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Feet never come closer than shoulder width (EVER!) whilst standing in front of an opponent - our bodies are all designed to be top-heavy and must be centered between our evenly spread legs - when moving in a boxing ring, practice "sliding & gliding" - to do this, step with your front foot first and lightly drag your back foot next, returning back home - same rule applies when sliding & gliding backwards:  step back with your hind leg first, while lightly dragging the front leg back to HOME.

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Straight-rights to the body are relatively easy punches to land - these punches are usually thrown from the outside so, stepping "in" while doing so is key - since the best way for your opponent to defend against a straight-right to the body is by them simply "stepping or pulling back", following up with a lunging left-hook to the head could be ideal - allow your forward-momentum from this hook to propel another right to the head - in the case they throw a retaliatory jab upon backing up, offer them a pullback-right hand to finish off the combo.

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"THE #2 JAB" –  This jab has us leaning far and very low to the right while throwing in an upward motion to the opponent's head - in turn, in order to offer another tool for defense, while throwing this jab upward (since your body is so far, low and to the right), as a means of defense you may opt to "cross-cheeks" with the right hand and place it on your opposite cheek - this #2 jab is usually incorporated with a double or triple jab - all for the purpose of getting inside or negating a reach advantage the opponent may have - thus, this jab works well for a shorter boxer who is attempting to get close (or inside) of an opponent who has a much longer reach than them.

"THE #3 JAB" – This jab is also called a "fall-away jab" - it is usually thrown the first punch of a round to meet the opponent as each boxer exits their respective corners of the ring - lean far to the left and pick the front "knee" up, while falling in that particular direction which you lean (to the left) - throw your jab - Your body will naturally lean and fall precisely in the direction to where your front foot needs to land (which will be far outside of the opponent's shoulder) - this fall-away jab has a bit more weight behind it given the fact that there is a slight explosion off of the back leg into it as the punch is being thrown.

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Understand, the very best time to throw a punch is when your opponent is swinging at you & immediately after - a counterpuncher will systematically wait, with incredible patience, for the opponent to throw at them before punching back - their ultimate goal is to "counter" their opponent with whatever punch they throw - catching your opponent's jab with your dominant hand will always create a window of opportunity (albeit small, given the speed & power of the jab) for them to be hit.

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Think of your jab as a drill - when you throw your arm out, it will naturally turn into the position it needs to be in order to have the most power in it - you do not have to "over" turn the jab - you must be mindful also to turn the jab "over" where the palm of your hand is facing the ground (rather than facing the right or left).

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Oftentimes it is good to follow a straight shot to the body (with either hand) with a hook to the head (with the opposite hand) - step IN with the following hook as the body shot may force the opponent backwards - also, notice a slight telegraph on the lead body-shot from the outside - this could be beneficial because it may lead to your opponent dropping their hands from their head leaving them open.

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Many shorter boxer's use weaves to make themselves multi-demensional when fighting taller opponent's - upon weaving one's upper body in an aggressive fashion (either coming forward OR as a means of defense while standing in punching range of their opponent) it can be a catalyst for cocking the body for a left hook - Bobbing (moving the head up and down like a piston) and weaving are primarily (not exclusively) used by shorter fighters.

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One rule to always remember regarding your feet is to NEVER allow them to come closer than shoulder width - also, refrain from pointing your front foot directly towards your opponent, keep it slightly turned to the side - doing so allows you the liberty to turn away from a punch - this turning away is much easier when your front foot is slightly sidewards as opposed to pointing directly towards the opponent.

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Make certain that you're shifted over your front leg (to some extent) before attempting to throw a left uppercut - afterwards, your body will be positioned to follow the left uppercut with either a straight right or a right hook - FLOW is key here - a left uppercut flows nicely behind either a straight right or a right hook - while throwing it, "tork" your body by turning your chest to the sky - this twisting motion not only allows you to get everything behind the left uppercut, but it also allows you to cock your body for a follow-up right hand.

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Synchronization is KEY here - the double jab needs to be fundamental in moving both in and away from an opponent - practice it - practice syncing your jab hand with your front foot - one, two and three jabs moving forward and backwards - make sure they move "together" with your feet always coming-back-home - allow your back-leg to propel the jabs into and through the opponents' defense.

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Shadowboxing in this manner is a very casual yet, purposeful display of what we want to do and how we need to look as a boxer - "flow" is very common in a boxer's vocabulary because it must be the engine behind all of the combinations we deliver - with continuous practice on the delivery and flow of our punches, we are mindful that one of the goals in the ring is to look good in the eyes of the judges - a boxer's punch output must be polished and impressive. 

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This is a very easy combination to land on people - the high jab to the forehead of your opponent will possibly get their hands (and attention) up, which could expose their body - your intention is to get that right hook "behind" their elbow - same goes for the opposite side - throw your follow-up left hook behind their elbow - be certain that both hands come back to your chin after throwing these body shots - one important element in throwing the right hook to the body and that is to "drag" the shot - you do this by stepping to their side with your front foot upon throwing the punch (rather than stepping between their legs) - doing so allows a dragging motion as opposed to strictly an arm shot that can be swatted away.

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For some, this is their strongest punch - the torking motion in the shot is more natural for some yet, most people have excellent leverage in throwing this punch - shift over your front leg enough to be able to get your left arm behind the opponent's elbow - do not attempt to pull your weight back onto your back leg as you would do while throwing a left hook to the head - remember, this is a body shot, so shift and tork into the shot - most of your weight remains on your front leg.

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Counter-punching is a means of fighting where "patience" reigns - counterpunchers will wait patiently for their opponent to throw a punch, usually a jab, before retaliating with anything - good counterpunchers always remain in the driver seat - always commandeering the flow of the action by remaining in charge by making their opponent pay for trying to land a punch on them - counterpunching involves quick reflexes and (again) an extra-ordinary amount of patience.

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Make for certain the shoulders are cocked before throwing a left hook - in turn, the best time to throw a left hook is after a straight right is thrown - also, I've noticed a 50/50 split on how to position the hand upon throwing a hook, palm facing down OR palm facing inwards (towards you) - I like to teach with the palm facing in because it seems it's less stress on your shoulder, it offers more of a whipping motion and doing so provides a longer reach - twist your hips when throwing a hook, dip your front knee inwards toward your opposite heel & slightly fall back onto the back leg as your upper body turns into the hook.

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This combination must be fluid - each punch must set up the other in a rhythmic flow or else the entire combo will lose its power - the lead off straight right will automatically cock one's shoulder's for a follow-up hook - shoulder's should be level (rather than tilted) upon throwing the straight right - after the right is thrown, your shoulder's will be cocked for a left hook - while throwing the left hook, pull your weight back slightly - doing so will position your body for a follow-up right hand.

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Evander Holyfield always says that when you throw your right hand, "leap" into the shot as to where your back foot will come off of the ground - I like the notion to some extent - get EVERYTHING you can behind your right hand - however, when it's thrown in a combination, just twist your back leg into it rather than coming off of the ground with it - make certain your hips, back & torso turn with it - bring the house - DO NOT turn your back leg with each right hand thrown however, when it's enveloped in a combination - in this case, only turn it once and leave it there until you finish throwing - then set it back down.

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The most opportune time to land a punch on your opponent is both while they are throwing at you AND immediately after - a pullback is an excellent tool to bait the opponent to throw at you, while allowing yourself the liberty to "pull-back" away from the shot - in order to create a counterpunch opportunity.

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Ideally, we want to "drag" this punch - this is the way to get the most out of the shot - notice however, if you are standing directly on top of the opponent, say in a clinch, then dragging the shot may be impossible due to his or her proximity - at that point make it a point to turn your hips into the punch (and maybe even your back leg into the shot) - remember, the palm of your hand is facing inward (towards you) as opposed to facing downward - this punch may be thrown over a lazy jab or at random but know that it is easy to see coming - and it may even stray behind the opponent's head - so be careful.

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This is one of the few combinations where it may help to telegraph the lead punch - the jab to the body, preferably the chest area, may draw the opponent's hands in a bit - it may even drop them down some to defend against the upper-body shot to their chest - a quick overhand right can follow your immediate drop & jab to their chest - oftentimes, the jab to the chest may not even need to be thrown if a simple feint down low is feasible in the hopes of sneaking your overhand right over their blindside shoulder.

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Hands will be exceptionally high when throwing this punch as you will most certainly be on the inside when doing so - shift your body downward and be mindful not to drop that front hand when doing so, hands high - tork your body into the shot, chest to the sky - be certain to allow the left uppercut proper motion so as you'll be set up to follow up with another punch, ideally a straight right.

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