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There are two different styles of fighting - Inside & Outside - tall, rangy, sometimes wiry boxers usually like to keep the fight on the outside where they can use their sizable reach advantage - short, squatty, lumberjacks with short, explosive arms will beg to fight inside - the outside fighters are referred to in boxing circles as "boxers" - the inside fighters are referred to as "bangers" - a larger size ring which allows the fighter to move around more is referred to as a "boxers" ring - a smaller sized boxing ring is a bangers ring - fighting in a "phone booth" is what bangers beg to do - if a shorter, hard-hitting banger can get a boxer to BANG with them then, they are commanding what's called "ring generalship" over the boxer - the same goes for the sometimes thinner, more elusive boxer who intentionally-commandeers a banger into fighting the entire boxing match from long range -- Ring Generalship - 

NOTICE: I say *sometimes* because quite often you will see a tall, thin, wiry fighter who should by all means be a "boxer", actually like to BANG (think Thomas Hearns, Robin Blake) - one rarely, if ever sees a shorter fighter who chooses to box the entire fight from the outside - it happens, but it's rare.